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Since being first established in March 2001, Madhani has developed into a major service provider in the construction and mining industries in Indonesia. Madhani is capable to deliver a diverse range of services to a consistent high standard to meet the needs of a rapidly developing resources sector. Our mining services are being delivered to various small, medium and large scale mining projects, each utilizing a combination of local knowledge and international experience. We offer practical solutions delivered in an environment of close co-operation with our clients and all stakeholders to ensure we provide competitive, innovative and high quality services with a positive impact on local communities and the wider natural environment. Our skilled and motivated employees are our key asset in who we are and what we do.

To strengthen the business and to ensure the achievement of the company objectives, we invite talented and the right candidates to fill the roles of:



(Placement : Kaltim, Kalsel)


Organize, monitor, manage projects as a whole including the achievement of K3LH standards, production targets, quality of work, and costs as stated in the work contract between the company and the client, as well as the achievement of all department KPIs for the financial success of the project.


  • Coordinate with Area Manager, Operation Manager, and Contract Manager to design and implement a project management strategy that will optimize company’s position in the work as stated in the work contract.
  • Designing a project strategy related to the use of company resources, participation of third parties, consultants, subcontractors and client resources for each job list.
  • Design a project work plan that coordinates all activities and resources needed to complete a project work contract.
  • Ensure that the main project files are properly archived until the project is complete.
  • Prepare routine and non-routine project work reports according to client and company requests.
  • Arrange the preparation and handover of project data when needed, and complete the project closure report when the project is completed.
  • Take preventive measures against actual and potential problems of production, K3, and financial losses.
  • Regulate all legal permits and approvals as required to do contractor work.
  • Establish appropriate cooperation with outside parties such as certification authorities, legal services, insurance and regulatory authorities (government).
  • Monitor performance and progress of all work areas of the project.
  • Take the steps needed to improve quality, speed up work schedules and reduce costs appropriately.
  • Ensure that each individual knows the goals or targets of the company and understands individual obligations related to the achievement of targets and a safe working system.
  • Ensure all claim progress and required documentation are prepared on schedule and professionally.
  • Ensure the existence of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for all aspects of work.
  • Ensure control procedures to facilitate monitoring the progress and productivity of all activities and preparing performance reports.
  • Perform all work activities in accordance with the method that has been determined and document all responsibilities into the SOP.


  • Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering / Civil Engineering / Geological Engineering.
  • Experience as a Project Manager for at least 3 years in a coal mining contracting company.
  • Preferably have a minimum total experience of 15 years in mining contractors.
  • Experienced in doing work processes strategically and operationally.
  • Experience managing open pit mining.
  • POM mining standard certification.
  • Preferably the POU mining standard certification.


For passionate and love challenging environment candidates, please send your updated  Curriculum Vitae with applied position as your subject email to :


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Daerah Sektor Nominal (Rp.)
KALTIM UMUM 2.747.561,26
BALIKPAPAN UMUM 2.828.601,66
BERAU UMUM 3.120.996.44
BONTANG UMUM 2.933.099,00
KUBAR UMUM 3.050.000,00
KUKAR UMUM 2.930.304,19
KUTIM UMUM 2.893.833,00
PASER UMUM 2.787.920,00
PPU UMUM 3.100.000,00
SAMARINDA UMUM 2.868.982,58